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Kim Kardashian Shows A Ton Of Skin ? In Nothing But Fishnets! (update: She Hits Stripper Pole!)

I want about six children." Kardashian adds that her musician fiance is a very hands-on father but not when it comes to diapers. "But he would if it was an emergency," she adds. Besides the future baby plans, the couple has been busy preparing for their upcoming wedding. The Mirror reports that they have already changed the date, moving the wedding up to May from July because the couple is excited for the event. Particularly excited is West, 36, who has not been married before and it is reported he is the driving force behind the http://www.rayjandme.com big event.
Source: http://www.latinpost.com/articles/7056/20140209/kim-kardashian-baby-kimye-planning-more-children-many.htm

Kim Kardashian keeping clothes so her kid can have hand-me-downs

It's a big deal. NBC will finally get to show somebody who's OK with passing the torch." [Related: Take Heart, Jimmy: People Didn't Want Jay Leno to Host 'The Tonight Show,' Either ] Aw, Coco. You're hosting your own series. On Thursday, you had the cast of " The Walking Dead " as your guests the cast of the most successful cable drama of all time. You get good guests, your show is doing well, you have the respect and support of your colleagues and fans your joke was sorta funny, we suppose, but was it really worth saying?
Source: http://tv.yahoo.com/blogs/tv-news/why-was-kim-kardashian-at-jay-leno-s--tonight-show--finale--and-other-headscratchers-224423966.html

Kim Kardashian clearly has no problem showing off a little leg make that, a lot of leg in a sexy new photo of herself wearing fishnet stockings. On February 7, Kim posted a pic to Instagram of herself and friends Blac Chyna and Larsa Pippen wearing fishnets. The photo just shows their three sexy sets of legs. We think it's great that Kim can be a mom and still get sexy with her pals from time to time. And there's no question that all three ladies have enviable stems.
Source: http://www.wetpaint.com/kim-kardashian/articles/2014-02-08-sexy-photo-fishnets-legs-skin

In an interview with Hello! magazine, she said of her cast-offs: Im keeping them all to give to North. She can use them as Halloween costumes, or do whatever she wants with them! Kardashian is renovating a mansion in the exclusive neighbourhood of Bel Air in Los Angeles and is planning a whole attic to house her old outfits. The 33-year-old socialite MTV star - who is launching her Kardashian Kollection clothes range by Lipsy - said she brushes off criticism of her fashion sense which leads to her inclusion on worst-dressed lists.
Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/kim-kardashian-keeping-clothes-kid-3129707

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